The Art of COMPUTER GRAPHICS Programming


taocgp.jpeg          The book The Art of Computer Graphics Programming: A Structured Introduction for Architects and Designers is a book written by William J. Mitchell, Robin S. Liggett and Thomas Kvan. It explains programming concepts in a simple and intuitive way for architects, focusing on how they can apply this new tool in their work.




About the Writers

         William J. Mitchell was  a Professor of Architecture and Media Arts and Sciences at MIT. He was awarded the annual Appreciation Prize of the Architectural Institute of Japan for his "achievements in the development of architectural design theory in the information age as well as worldwide promotion of CAD education."

         Robin S. Liggett She teaches courses in quantitative methods and computer software development at UCLA. Her research emphasis is on the development of interactive computer graphic aids to design and decision making.

         Thomas Kvan is the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning at the University of Melbourne. He is internationally recognised for his work in the management of design practice and development of digital applications in design.


The Project

         This project is actually an undergraduate research of Viviane Alencar, a computer engineering student at Unicamp. It is maintained by PIBIC-CNPQ and supervised by Gabi Celani. 

         The main goal of this project is to update the concepts and codes presented in The Art of Computer Graphics Programming while working on this site. We expect that this site will become a place where students and readers of this book can find detailed information about programming, codes and the Processing language.